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Socom Fireteam bravo 2 U.S. Navy Seals

Cheats (Enter code provided)

100,000 - 999,00 CE = Go to cutoff and enter this code: Circle, X, L1, X, Square, Circle, Triangle


Market Day (Online) = Go to one of the two fences in Market Day. Next, Go to the preferable right side corner agaist the fence and wall. Go to freelook. Look Striaght ahead and zoom in once without using the scope. Finally, the most important step being to Hold L and R and pull at the rate of a snail the analog stick back so you move foward towards the fence. You should then go right through the fence. This is the Hardest Glitch to master in Socom Ftb 2.

Corner Glitch (Online or Offline) = On any level go to a corner sticking out at you. Put your guy in the prone position. Next, put your hip against the wall using L to slide your hip against the wall. Now, turn your body towards the wall and you Should have half your body in the wall, And you can shoot enimies through the wall..

Surge Glitch (Online) = Be on the SEAL's side and go straight ahead to where the path goes two ways, look back and you should see a corner. Now do the corner glitch up using the corner and this time when you've completed the corner glitch go forward with you character. Next if done right you should appear higher up.

Cutoff (Online and Offline) = When you croos the bridge at the end you should either see a fence like |_ or _| if the fence is like that and is facing towards the middle of the direction of the map your on the right track. For |_ do the same thing as the Market day glitch and for _| do the corner glitch then face the opposite way so your legs are inside the fence.then satnd up. And that's it if done correctly you should be on the other side of the fence. From both spots you can then walk down the big hill into the dried up river bed, AKA Under the bridge.


_C0 Perfect Traction _L 0x204CEDBC 0xFFFFFFFF

_C Superb LI _L 0x2051f278 0x000F423F

_C No Fall Damage _L 0x20566e90 0x447a0000

_C Infinite Ammo _L 0x2030E9F4 0x00C52821

_C No Scope Recoil _L 0x20289ff4 0x03E00008 _L 0x20289ff8 0x00000000 _L 0x2018471c 0x0e25210f _L 0x20184720 0x00000000 _L 0x2049d1c8 0x4d414554 _L 0x2049d1cc 0x49575320 _L 0x2049d1d0 0x00484354 _L 0x2049d1d4 0x4d414554 _L 0x2049d1d8 0x49575320 _L 0x2049d1dc 0x00484354

_C Inf CE _L 0x2051f274 0x000F423F

_C0 Instant Respawn _L 0x200b108c 0x10000010

_C0 4x Throw Distance _L 0x2056710C 0x451C0000 _L 0x20567110 0x451C0000

_C1 Perfect Target Lock Online _L 0x405671C4 0x000D0001 _L 0x00000000 0x00000000 _L 0x40567218 0x00040001 _L 0x00000000 0x00000000 _L 0x2056723C 0x00000000

_C0 Zoom Teleport Joker _L 0x2018471C 0x0E33C100 _L 0x204F0600 0x3C08089C _L 0x204F0604 0x8D099CF8 _L 0x204F0608 0x3C0AE7CD _L 0x204F060C 0x254A0018 _L 0x204F0610 0x152A000B _L 0x204F0618 0x3C0CC7CE _L 0x204F061C 0x158C0018 _L 0x204F0620 0xAD0C9CF8 _L 0x204F0624 0x258C0004 _L 0x204F0628 0xAD0C9D08 _L 0x204F062C 0x258C0004 _L 0x204F0630 0xAD0C9D18 _L 0x204F0634 0x10000007 _L 0x204F0640 0xAD0A9CF8 _L 0x204F0644 0x254A0004 _L 0x204F0648 0xAD0A9D08 _L 0x204F064C 0x254A0004 _L 0x204F0650 0xAD0A9D18 _L 0x204F0654 0x03E00008

_C Anti Cheat Menu <----these hacks are jokered _L 0x2018471c 0x0E33c0dc when in the game press _L 0x204f0370 0x3c190890 start to turn onn and _L 0x204f0374 0x8f380448 off these codes _L 0x204f0378 0x3c093408 _L 0x204f037c 0x35290004 _L 0x204f0380 0x15380006 _L 0x204f0388 0x35290006 _L 0x204f038c 0xaf290448 _L 0x204f0390 0x10000003 _L 0x204f039c 0xaf290448 _L 0x204f03a0 0x0a33c0ec _L 0x204f03b0 0x8f380fc8 _L 0x204f03b4 0x3c0a3408 _L 0x204f03b8 0x354a0002 _L 0x204f03bc 0x15580005 _L 0x204f03c4 0x354a0004 _L 0x204f03c8 0xaf2a0fc8 _L 0x204f03cc 0x10000002 _L 0x204f03d4 0xaf2a0fc8 _L 0x204f03d8 0x03e00008 _L 0x2049d1d4 0x544f4f42 _L 0x2049d1d8 0x46464f20 _L 0x2049d1dc 0x00000000 _L 0x2049d1c8 0x544f4f42 _L 0x2049d1cc 0x004e4f20 _L 0x2049d1d0 0x00000000

_C Anti Cheat Menu2 _L 0x2018485c 0x0e33c0fa _L 0x204f03e8 0x3c190890 _L 0x204f03ec 0x8f281230 _L 0x204f03f0 0x8f29054c _L 0x204f03f4 0x3c183402 _L 0x204f03f8 0x37180002 _L 0x204f03fc 0x1538000a _L 0x204f0404 0x37180006 _L 0x204f0408 0xaf38054c _L 0x204f040c 0x3c0d3402 _L 0x204f0410 0x35ad0004 _L 0x204f0414 0xaf2d1230 _L 0x204f0418 0x10000005 _L 0x204f0428 0xaf381230 _L 0x204f042c 0xaf38054c _L 0x204f0430 0x03e00008 _L 0x2049d228 0x49544E41 _L 0x2049d22c 0x4F4F4220 _L 0x2049d230 0x4F432054 _L 0x2049d234 0x4F204544 _L 0x2049d238 0x0000004E _L 0x2049d23c 0x00000000 _L 0x2049d210 0x49544E41 _L 0x2049d214 0x4F4F4220 _L 0x2049d218 0x4F432054 _L 0x2049d21c 0x4F204544 _L 0x2049d220 0x00004646 _L 0x2049d224 0x00000000

_C Anti Cheat Menu3 _L 0x201847b4 0x0e33c110 _L 0x204f0440 0x3c1908a7 _L 0x204f0444 0x8f2851e0 _L 0x204f0448 0x3c0903e0 _L 0x204f044c 0x35290008 _L 0x204f0450 0x15090009 _L 0x204f0458 0x3c0927bd _L 0x204f045c 0x3529ff90 _L 0x204f0460 0xaf2951e0 _L 0x204f0464 0x3c0a27bd _L 0x204f0468 0x354aff80 _L 0x204f046c 0xaf2a4904 _L 0x204f0470 0x10000003 _L 0x204f0478 0xaf2951e0 _L 0x204f047c 0xaf294904 _L 0x204f0480 0x03e00008 _L 0x2049d1e4 0x4C414548 _L 0x2049d1e8 0x4F204854 _L 0x2049d1ec 0x0000004E _L 0x2049d1f4 0x4C414548 _L 0x2049d1f8 0x4F204854 _L 0x2049d1fc 0x00004646 _L 0x2059ae74 0x69486E41 _L 0x2059ae78 0x65684320 _L 0x2059ae7c 0x62207461 _L 0x2059ae80 0x69532079 _L 0x2059ae84 0x00006F6C


In Socom FTB2 fighting guys can be a pain, without the right gun. So this is a walkthrough to help young players how to use each gun effectively.Also i show you tips on going against people and CPU's that are just impossible to beat. So first i will rate some guns and tell you what their best use is.


M4A1 = Great Close range gun especially with light or heavy suppresser. Great single shot long range gun (with VARI. scope) great all round gun but lacks ammo supply espcially in Campaign.

Rating = 9.3

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------M16A2 = Similar to the M4A1 but without Auto ammo mode which is a disadvantage for all out fighting. But, is very accurate meaning online this is a good gun to have around when you camp in a well protected spot. also this gun doesn't carry a large amount of ammo.

Rating = 6.8

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SFCR-HW = a relative of the SFCR-LW but has its similarties and differences. this gun is heavier so brings more power and carries any grenade launcher. But the only disadvantage is this gun usally stinks with suppressers so is pretty loud meaning enemy campers might know where you are. on the bright side this gun is one of the best guns in the game for alot and overall is a great gun and compared t the M4A1 it suppies a regular amount of ammo.

Rating = 9.6


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